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SD1 70 x 62mm Snow/Glitter Dome

Insert size 70mm x 62mm.

Insert size 70mm x 62mm, takes printed insert, photo or cross stitch, comes ready filled with water, GLITTER and SNOW, easy to assemble, simply pull off the base on the bottom of the globe.This will expose the secret compartment in the centre of the dome.

Insert two messages or photographs back to back on each side of the foam pad, for viewing on both sides of the dome. After completing, simply snap the dome back into the base.

The Snow Globes now are available with either a gold or silver base with a chrome finish or standard red, please select which colour you would like using the drop down box below, if no particular colour is selected the order will be sent mixed.

Blank glitter/snow domes can be used as a promotional advertising medium for your company logo or even to make personalised gifts for friends & family.

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